Mishlei (Proverbs) 31:22,24

כב מַרְבַדִּים עָשְׂתָה-לָּהּ שֵׁשׁ וְאַרְגָּמָן לְבוּשָׁהּ
כד סָדִין עָשְׂתָה וַתִּמְכֹּר
She made for herself pleasant-looking bed covers; she also made herself white (linen) and purple garments to wear
She manufactured robes and sold them

Soft Baby Book

One of the greatest things about sewing is that you can make your own gifts for your family and friends. My friend had a baby boy recently, and I sewed up this cute little soft book for him. I know, it's too early for him to read, but we all know that if you read to your baby (starting around 3 months, when he's alert) often, he will develop a love for reading when he's older. This is an investment that young mothers and fathers can take advantage of as early as possible.

The materials for sewing a soft, baby book, are so easily available.  I got mine at Walmart, a great place for arts and crafts and sewing supplies.
This product is a kit which comes with fabric and batting. It makes ten pages and measures around 7"x10". The words are short and sweet. The most important thing about the book is the pictures.  The bright colors of the pages are ideal for baby to stimulate his brains.

It is quiet easy to make, although I've never done it before. The pages are printed on the fabric and  you just have to cut around them, line them up with the batting in between pages. This is the result of my efforts. The parents (and I hope the baby too) love it!

Other fabric books you can make for yourself, available in Walmart are below:

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Training Girls in Dressmaking

In our times, it is highly commendable to train girls in the art of dressmaking and general sewing. Lessons should be given on this subject in schools, and if necessary, also in seminaries.

If the girl becomes really expert, she will even be able to make garments for herself, and later on, when married also for her daughters. Also, she could take up dressmaking as a profession.

Source: Modesty, an Adornment for Life, Rabbi Pesach Eliyahu Falk